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Fry that Boot was formed in 1998 in Belleville Ontario while it's memebers where attending College. Dave Garlough and Dave Martel were both in the Radio Program and Dave Schaffer lived in residence with Martel. The boys have played numerious bars in Belleville over the past 3 years including Maxwells, Copperfields, Moviola's and quite a few at the Bohemian Penguin. They have also played at Deja Vu in Hawksburry. In November the boys moved to Montreal to continue there music career and just released their first CD in December. The guys just recently held their first CD release party at the Bohemian Penguin in Belleville on March 24. The show was a great sucsess and the band would like to thank all those who attended.

The band now has it's first show in Montreal on April 20th at the Jailhouse with a couple local bands. The guys put on a great live show, and if you get a chance to see them be sure to attend as you will surely be entertaind.

Vocals, Lead guitar
So there I am with a hotdog in one hand, and a sock in the other, and I'm thinking, “I'm
a fucking nut” That's when music entered my life, from then on, it was all hot dogs and socks. I can't eat hot dogs anymore, they give me a strange feeling in the back of my throat, Cough......Cough. I guess that's a good way to describe my music......salamanders and oatmeal. Each song sounds different from the rest. Unlike that one band. Growing up listening to so many different types of music I guess would be credited for that. I mean, you can't exactly eat the same slice of pepperoni twice.
Am I right, or am I right? Answer: 42. Michael Jackson, Bad Religion, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, George Michael, Propagandhi, Pink Floyd, The Almighty Trigger Happy.......Yeah I had my phases. But who are you for judging me? Here's a good way to sum things up: Guitar is life. I was the hated Enriqué. Watch out for The Chesterfields. RADIOHEAD RULES! “Beer is the satule that sets the stage for prosperity.” -Mr. Butler

Bass, Back-up Vocals
Well lets see, were to start; I was born in the Winchester Hospital and plan to retire at the Hartford. My life is all about music ever since I was in kindergarten I was singing in festivals and junk. Then I started to play bass in grade seven and played since enjoying it the whole time. I hate school and everything that has to do with it Oh yeah and don't get me started on the government let me run this fuckin country and I'll show how things should be. What is with all these companies canceling every thing I like to eat. I am so pissed off that Kellogg stop making my favorite type of pop tarts those bastards bring back the cinnamon brown sugar. That was me rambling . AYE YO!! back to the bio, I enjoy watching wrestling and hanging with my friends doing stupid shit. My main musical influences are Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Max Bike And The Kick Stands(1996 what the heck is this). My main inspiration has been family and friends, especially Kim. My goal in life is to take the most simultaneous gun shot wounds to the body. Well that about raps me up. “Remember the only thing better then sex is more sex.”

I was born in London, ON and raised in Tillsonburg, ON. I've been playing the drums since grade 8, because I sucked at the clarinet in grade 7. I've been hooked ever since. I've played in school bands and in a church band (no laughing!). My favorite music growing up was Nirvana, Green Day, Rancid, Face to Face, Pennywise, NOFX, and Rage against the Machine. I still consider them some of the best bands out there today. Playing drums for me has become an escape, I block everything out, and just enjoy myself when I play. There's no rush in the world better than being on stage with Dave and Dave. It's my new drug. Love the life you live, Live the life you love. -Dave Schaffer, (Go Nads!)


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